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Personal Branding Photographer

“Personal branding photography is for any business and entrepreneur who wants to strengthen their personal brand. I provide you with beautiful social media, website, blog and publication photos that you can use. Mix a little video and cinemagraph into the mix to really wow your audience. You will receive a variety of visual content that you can use throughout the quarter or even the whole year.”

I fully understand that having your photos taken, is not your favorite thing. You understand the importance of it, which is why you are here, thinking about hiring a personal branding photographer. I will help you with styling, planning along with accommodation and food if coming from out of town. You will feel taken care of, and who knows, you just might enjoy the process.
I am located in a city right outside of Denver, Colorado called Golden. If mountains are your thing, come to me. And if you ask nicely, I’ll hold you tight like Leonardo did with Kate in the Titanic while you yell “I’m on the top of the world”. If you have a different location in mind, I can be convinced to pack up and fly to you. If you want to go international, I even have insider knowledge of Iceland.

  • Personal branding photographer
Having a strong personal brand is the single most important way to stand out in your spheres of influence. Personal branding is how people remember you. It is how you present yourself online and offline. Your personal brand builds your business, but it still centers around you as an individual.

Studies show that 33% of consumers trust a message from a brand while 90% trust a message from an individual they know.

personal branding photographer
personal branding photographer

personal branding photographer

Love notes

“I wasn’t looking forward to having headshots taken–mostly because I worried that I’d spend a bunch of money and get pictures that didn’t feel like me–but finally decided to take the plunge and called Vala. I’m really really pleased with her photos. She took a variety of shots and the hardest part was narrowing down the ones I wanted. Also, Vala did a remarkable job of preparing me for the shoot with preparatory phone calls and a detailed style guide that helped me figure out what to wear. Great work, Vala!”
From Emily an award winning essayist.

The goal of a personal branding photographer, is to capture how it feels to work with you. You are amazing and have an incredible value to offer. I will capture that and give you beautiful photos, videos and cinemagraphs to use. I will help you look your best, feel your best and show your best. Together we will blow your audience mind, expand your data base and get return on your investment.
I will work with you and/or your team and come up with a master plan. I understand that your time is valuable. I know, mine is too. Which is why I don’t want you to worry about the extra’s. All you have to do, is tell me about your message and your story. What your needs and likes are. I will dig deep into your brand and through beautiful photographs, tell your story.

  • Personal branding photographer

I’m here for you!

Tell me what you need help with.

Fill out the form below and request a free 15-minute consult. Make yourself some tea, sit down, and we’ll talk. If you like what you hear, we can talk business. If not, you got a 15-minute break and tea. Sounds like a win win to me.

Hi! I’m Vala. Yes, Vala is an unusual name, it is Icelandic. Yes, I’m Icelandic and yes, Iceland is green, and Greenland is Ice. Now that we got that out of our way, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a 40+ (I refuse to be specific) entrepreneur. I have been photographing families and business owners for years See family sessions here

When it came to business owners, I always wanted more. I kept pushing them out of their element from regular corporate headshots, to more lifestyle photos. I kept telling them, that in today’s market, you have to stand out. Be unique and don’t be afraid to show it. Being ordinary in a saturated market will drown you. That’s when I discovered I should be a personal branding photographer and the rest is history.

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